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The Mud Creek Players value theatre experiences that enrich our community.

A typical season at Mud Creek Players involves four mainstage productions. However; over the past few years, theatre has been anything but typical. In our bid to keep our community safe over the Covid-19 pandemic, we began producing limited run outdoor productions. While we may have transitioned back inside the barn for our mainstage shows, something about connecting with an audience outdoors, without fancy technical elements still intrigued us. Thus, the idea for an Outdoor Arts Program was born! Each year when the weather begins to warm-up and the days are longer, Mud Creek Players will be producing a production of a show which we feel is culturally relevant. Our goal with these shows is not to make money. In fact, each production is open to the public free of charge. Our goal, instead, is to inspire and make a positive impact in our community through theatre.

Our 2022 Production - Thanks for the Memories!

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Antigone closed on May 8th! Thanks to everyone who came!!

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