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Antigone is an ancient Greek tragedy, originally written by Sophocles in 441 BCE, that remains one of the most inspiring of classic tales. The third chapter in the famous Oedipus trilogy, it centers around Oedupis’s daughter Antigone in the aftermath of a battle for the throne that leaves both her brothers dead. Antigone’s uncle Kreon, is appointed king and sets down a deadly decree that one brother be buried and the other disgraced. Driven by familial devotion, Antigone knowingly defies the law and is sentenced to death. A wonderful war of wills that leaves few unharmed, Antigone examines issues of law and morality that are just as prevalent today as they were in Sophocles’ time.

Director's Statement:

We chose Antigone because it’s a story literally at the root of our art form. We’re coming out of a time where some of us weren’t able to do any theater for a while. So I was really interested in getting us back to a place, a time and a tale that reminded us where theater and our love of theater began. Antigone specifically is also so pertinent to today’s politically complex and naturally rebellious age. Full of conversations about youth, wisdom and morality it’s truly deserving of being called a loved classic.

Nicole Crabtree

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Assistant Director's Statement:

Antigone is my favorite play of all time. It’s a constantly relevant story of a young girl fighting for what she believes is right. Audiences will find that the story holds a valuable lesson for everyone and I can’t wait for them to see this classic tragedy come to life. 

Dani Lopez

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Antigone F.A.Q.

Where should we park? - We will have limited parking available in our lot for folks arriving before 6:00 pm. All later arrivals will be required to park at the church across the street. 

Should I bring my own chair? - We DO recommend bringing your own seat, however there will be limited seating available. We don't recommend blankets as our viewing area is in our parking lot. 

Can we bring a picnic dinner? Sure! We will have concessions too. But you are certainly welcome to pack your own food and beverages. We do expect patrons to behave responsibly and in compliance with the laws of the state of Indiana. 

Will there be restrooms available? - Absolutely! Our INDOOR public restrooms will be accessible throughout the show. 

Will there be an intermission? - No. This is a roughly two-hour play, without intermission.

What if it rains or is really cold? - Please be sure to check our Facebook/Instagram posts for updates on weather cancellations. In general, we will cancel for excessive precipitation but bring a blanket if it's expected to be chilly. We may reschedule some performances if we have to cancel due to rain. 

Can I take photos or video? - You bet! Antigone is in the public domaine so we have no copyright laws to worry about. However, please do not use a flash and be sure your camera is in silent mode so you do not distract the actors. Please be sure to share your photos on social media!

Is smoking/vaping permitted? - For the comfort of other patrons, we request that you not smoke within 100 feet of our staging and viewing areas. If you are vaping, please move a reasonable distance away from other patrons. No use of illegal substances is permitted on premises. 

Can I make a donation to your program? - Absolutely! We will gladly accept cash donations on site or you can use the donation button below. MCP is a non-profit so your donation is tax deductible. 

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