About MCP

About our theater

We are located at  9740 East 86th Street Indianapolis, In 46256. 

Our doors typically open 45 minutes before the curtain. Please consult your ticket receipt or the ticket page for your specific show start time. In general our shows start:

Thursday Evenings 7:30pm

Friday and Saturday Evening 8pm

Sunday Matinee 2:30pm

If you have additional questions please email info@mudcreekplayers.org

About our organization

Mud Creek Theater is a volunteer organization and has been in operation for over 70 years. We don’t just put on plays; our members attend social events such as pitch-ins, parties, group outings and game nights.

All members are welcome to all social events. Most events are designed for the whole family.

To become a member of Mud Creek Players, Inc., a person must attend one qualifying member event (meeting/party/help with a show) prior to the submission of his/her name for membership, and must be approved by the Board of Directors. Every person complying may be elected a member.

Annual Fee: Single Membership $30.00 Family Membership $60.00. Membership dues are collected yearly. The treasurer will bill each member in the spring. Members or families joining before October 1 of any year must pay the full membership dues. Members joining after October 1, one-half the annual contribution. 

Questions: contact us at info@mudcreekplayers.org

Checks for membership may be sent to:
Mud Creek Theater Treasurer 
9740 East 86th Street 
Indianapolis, In 46256


Privileges of Membership 

Pitch-ins and parties are held every few months at the Barn and include a New Year's Eve Open House, Annual Mud Creek Theater Dinner (April), Memorial Day Breakfast, a Fall Feast and Camping Weekend and more. 

 We are always looking for people interested in theater to join us as we learn and have fun creating quality theater together. Members are also welcomed AND ENCOURAGED to take part in any production as a crew member. It takes at least 60 people to put on a successful show!