Upcoming Auditions at Mud Creek Players

Come audition with the Mud Creek Players! We are the longest running community theatre organization in Indy. A huge part of our success and longevity comes from our understanding of just how important it is to make performing at the Barn feel like home. When you take the stage at MCP, you become part of our theatre family. We are dedicated to providing rewarding community theater opportunities for all ages and all skill levels.


Email info@mudcreekplayers.org

THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT - September 12th & 13th, 2022

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Come to one session or both!


Julia Dowling has an unexpected visitor who intends to escort her off to the afterlife. Infusing comedy into the classic Death Takes a Holiday, The Christmas Spirit is set in contemporary Long Island. Julia persuades Death to give her one more day to enjoy Christmas and invites him to be her guest at a festive party. The next day the house fills with bickering relatives, friends, the local priest…and Death, masquerading as a human, singing carols and drinking eggnog. Moments of high farce, drama, and even romance arise as bright holiday fantasies collide with a not-so-merry reality.

Character Description

Julia Dowling: 72 year old, crotchety, mostly estranged from her family, Death’s next “customer”

Visitor (Jack)Death: Twenties, mild mannered, very charming, “stranger in strange land” , excited to be experiencing xmas

Beth Dowling: Julia’s daughter, lives with Julia, somewhat of a care-giver

Aunt Rosemary: 60s, Julia’s sister, passive-aggressive, judgmental, feels put-upon

Uncle Bernie: 60s, Rosemary’s husband, judgmental, quietly prejudiced, somewhat clueless

Paul Dowling: 30s, Julia’s son, a wanna-be musician

Melissa Rosen: 20s- 30s, Paul’s girlfriend, singer/actor/model, thinks she’s pretty great

Father John Brennan: Local priest at the family’s church

Matthew Harris: Jack’s previous “customer” who he dragged along to the party, dead, wants to be “gone”