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Upcoming Auditions at Mud Creek Players

Come audition with the Mud Creek Players! We are the longest running community theatre organization in Indy. A huge part of our success and longevity comes from our understanding of just how important it is to make performing at the Barn feel like home. When you take the stage at MCP, you become part of our theatre family. We are dedicated to providing rewarding community theater opportunities for all ages and all skill levels.





Written and directed by Chris Bundy

Production December 1-16

Audition Dates: October 9 & 10 @ 7:00 pm

Character Descriptions


Show Synopsis

A Christmas tale of love, laughter and family Featuring classic and familiar holiday music.

The show takes place in the attic of an old Victorian house and opens with John wandering in a bit confused as he sees his wife sitting in the attic happily sewing on a quilt. As the story continues he recalls that she has passed on several years before which, in turn, must mean that he is now passed on as well. Although startled at this new revelation, Alice is there to calm him and help adjust him to this new reality.


In the meantime, their daughters, their husbands and their youngest daughter’s fiancé arrive at the house on Christmas Eve to go through and clear out the remainder of their parent’s belongings in order to prepare to put the house on the market. The two youngest daughters are in the middle of a longstanding dispute and are eager to stay in one another’s company as little as possible. A snowstorm arrives which will require the family to spend the night in the home. In the process of going through the items in the attic, a lot of memories are kindled and shared and a lot of laughs, particularly at the expense of the youngest daughter’s fiancé providing several humorous situations. With a little help under the watchful eyes of their parents as all gather for a final time in their family home, the memories of Christmases past and the shared love of family makes for a special and memorable Christmas Eve.


Character Descriptions

Alice, must appear to be 60 or older, the mother, loving and very proud of her three daughters and somewhat of an expert in handling her husband’s obsessions with decorating for Christmas and reigning him in when necessary. She has two solo/duets and joins in on several other songs.
John, the father, must appear to be 60 or older, the father, loves his decorations almost as much as he loves his daughters. Enjoys a good laugh and challenge. He has two solo/duets as well as joining in on several other songs.
The daughters…ranging in ages from 20’s, 30’s to early 40’s, but flexible on ages. All daughters perform solos within songs as well as duets and group numbers as do all their male
Julie, the eldest daughter and the peacekeeper of the family.
Andrea, the middle daughter who is in a family quarrel with her youngest sister.
Megan, the youngest daughter and certainly the most sentimental of the sisters.
Josh, Julie’s husband and somewhat of a trickster who enjoys joking around.
Jack, Andrea’s husband, the dutiful husband who prefers to stay clear of the dispute between
his wife and her sibling at all costs.
Liam, Megan’s fiancé who is meeting the family for the first time and is on the receiving end of a little joking from his future brothers-in-law.

Audition Sides

Audition sides will be available on the evening of auditions for cold readings. Since this production has many standard Christmas songs used in the course of the show, all cast members will be included in a number of songs, some being solos, duets as well as three and four part choral pieces. An audition pianist will be provided.

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