Hands on a Hardbody

Book by Doug Wright

Music and Lyrics by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green

Auditions - Sunday, June 5th & Tuesday, June 7th - 7:00 to 9:30

Show Run - September 8th - 24th

Hands on a Hardbody is a Tony Award winning Broadway musical that debuted at the Atkinson Theatre in March of 2013. It is based on the acclaimed 1997 documentary of the same name. Ten contestants will compete for several days in the brutal Texas heat, hoping to win this Nissan Hardbody pickup truck. All ten believe they need to win. All ten place a hand on the truck, the last one standing drives it home. NOTE: The truck in the photo is our actual stage prop! 


The music runs the gamut of American popular music from the late 20th century: country, pop, gospel, R&B, and rock-n-roll. A video highlighting several moments from the original cast recording session can be found below. It gives a good sense of the overall vibe of the show.


Hands on a Hardbody is written to inspire and require diversity in casting. Except where specifically indicated, casting will be open to all ethnicities.


This is a very energetic and highly physical show. While not requiring advanced dance skills/experience, all cast members will be expected to have the ability to move rhythmically and contribute in various ways to the percussion elements of the staging (a la Stomp). 

Please carefully review the information below and feel free to reach out to director, Michelle Moore with any additional questions at admin@mudcreekplayers.org.


Chris Alvaro - 20s-30s, well-built, recent war veteran, keeps to himself - Tenor

Janis Curtis - late-50s, a tough old bird, a fighter, straight forward - Alto

J.D. Drew - early-60s, a salt of the earth Texas male, has a bum leg - Baritone

Kelli Mangram - early-20s, cute, feisty, ambitious - Mezzo-soprano

Ronald McCowan - mid-30s, originally from Louisiana, a ladies' man - Tenor

Jesus Peña - 20s to-early-30s, Mexican-American, student - Tenor

Benny Perkins - mid-40s, wheeler/dealer, aggressively prepared to win - Tenor

Heather Stovall - 30s, white, pretty, waitress, had a rough life - Mezzo-soprano

Norma Valverde - 30s-40s, booming gospel voice, Latina/Black (preferred) - Mezzo-soprano

Greg Wilhote - early-20s, polite young man with a dream - Tenor



Virginian Drew - 50s-60s, J.D.'s wife, worried for her husband - Mezzo-soprano

Don Curtis - late-50s, Janice's biggest fan, the comic relief, plays banjo - Baritone

Mike Ferris - 30s-50s, the sales manager, used-car salesman type - Tenor

Cindy Barnes - 30s-40s, office manager, former pageant girl, Texas hair - Mezzo-soprano

Frank Nugent - Over 30, good-old-boy Texas MC and DJ - Tenor

Dr. Stokes  Over 40 - Any (small speaking role for chorus member)

Chorus - 5 to 10 STRONG singers - performing as spectators, lot employees, reporters, etc. Chorus members will also serve as stage hands and pre-show/intermission entertainment.



Act One

  • Human Drama Kind of Thing - Company

  • If I Had This Truck - Kelli, Janis, Greg, Benny, Heather, Norma, JD, Don, Chris, Jesus, & Ronald

  • If She Don't Sleep - Janis, Frank, & Don

  • My Problem Right There - Ronald, Kelli, Heather, Norma, & Benny

  • Alone With Me - JD & Virginia

  • Burn That Bridge - Mike, Heather, & Company

  • I'm Gone - Kelli and Greg

  • Joy of the Lord - Norma & Company

  • Stronger - Chris & Company

  • Hunt with the Big Dogs - Kelli, Janis, Benny, Greg, Jesus, Heather, Norma, JD, & Don

Act Two

  • Hands on a Hardbody - Mike, Frank, & Company

  • Born in Laredo - Jesus & Company

  • Alone With Me (Reprise) - JD

  • It's a Fix - Janis & Don

  • Used to Be - Kelli, Benny, Greg, Jesus, Heather, Norma, & JD

  • It's a Fix (Reprise) - Heather

  • God Answered My Prayers - Benny & Company

  • Joy of the Lord (Reprise) - Chris, Ronald, Norma, & Company

  • Keep Your Hands on It - JD & Company


June 12 to June 25 - Independent Study - Learn lines & songs. Come OFF book to rehearsals!

June 26 to July 16 - Vocals only by appointment - 1 to 2 times per week (flexible)

July 17th to August 13th - Choreo and Staging - 2-3 times per week, Tues-Thurs

August 14th to Open - Sunday to Thursday - 3-4 times per week

Saturday August 27th - Mandatory Tech Day - 10:00a-6:00p - ALL performers required

Check back for audition sides, prep details, and audition forms.