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Audition Sides

Please use the following excerpts from our upcoming production as reference for auditions. Each gives certain characters the chance to stand out while giving you a feel for the script.



Cadillac Crew Sides


All auditioners (video and in person) should come prepared with one of these monologues.


Rachel Monologue: Page 63
Sarah Monologue : Page 62 Journal #11
Abby Monologue: Page 21 -22 Starting with “Trailblazer” and skipping over Dee’s line there.
Dee Monologue: Pages 51 - 52


Partner Scenes

In person auditioners may be asked to read these scenes with a partner at auditions.

Rachel and Abby: Pages 8-12
Abby and Dee : 71-75
Rachel and Sarah : Pages 79 -84

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