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Audition Sides

Please use the following excerpts from our upcoming production as reference for auditions. Each gives certain characters the chance to stand out while giving you a feel for the script.



The Arsonists

by Max Frisch
Translated by Alistair Beaton

Audition Dates: June 4 & 6

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Come to one session or both!

The Arsonists Sides

Side 1 - Chorus and Leader

Side 2 - Biedermann and Anna

Side 3 - Biedermann, Schmitz, and Anna

Side 4 - Babette, Schmitz, and Anna

Side 5 - Leader, Chorus, and Biedermann

Side 6 - Bidermann and Eisenring

Side 7 - Eisenring and Biedermann

Side 8 - Babette

Side 9 - Babette, Anna, Schmitz, Eisenring, Biedermann

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