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Audition Dates

September 18th and 19th from 5.00 PM - 7.00 PM at Mud Creek Theater.

Open Roles:

Note: All roles are open. We are open to any ages (18+) and ethnicity. 




Characters played by the Narrators:  

PRANCER, a golden retriever  

VIXEN, a golden retriever  


GIRL 2  



HOLLY, owner of the Evergreen Inn in Hopewood Falls, Vermont. A heart of gold.  


BRETT, stranded by a snowstorm, but secretly a prince from Artemisia, a tiny aristocratic country in Europe that no one has ever heard of. Luckily, he's rich, y'all. 


JOY, a romance novelist, visiting the inn to try to break her writer's block.  


PAUL, a rival romance novelist, running his own writer's retreat ­ kind of a self-important jerk, but with the love of the right woman, he's probably a pretty nice guy. 


CAROL, a war reporter, home for the holidays, tired of big city life.  

Requires physical comedy 


JACKSON, 35, a veterinarian, who owns two golden retrievers.  

Requires physical comedy 


MERRY, in town to search out the perfect Christmas tree for the big Christmas celebration in the big city. A real estate lawyer businessperson with no time for love. 

Minor Physical Comedy 


BLAKE, rugged, owner of a tree farm. He's heartbroken but oh-so­handsome.  

Minor Physical Comedy  


KRIS, the son of the former of Santa Claus in the town parade, but he has troubles, y'all. Troubles. Currently working as a real estate lawyer businessperson 


NOELLE, owner of the oldest Christmas ornament boutique in town, charged with helping Kris quit his job and become a full time Santa. Filled with the Christmas spirit. 


SVEN, the secret prince of Broxtenburg, which is another tiny aristocratic country in Europe that no one has ever heard of. Shocker, he's also rich as heck. 


RITA, movie star filming a movie in Hopewood Falls, but pretending to be an ordinary girl. 

LAERTES, The real Estate Developer Guy. We do not like him.  


BRIDGETTE, the red-headed best friend of all the women. Why not.  


JIMMY, (can be played by the same actor playing LAERTES), the ex-boyfriend of Holly, and also plays the ex-boyfriends of every other woman, 'cause why not. 



Some roles require physical intimacy. Mud Creek Theater is dedicated to keeping the health of our actors and community a top priority.

1. All NON-vaccinated persons must wear a well-fitted, cloth or surgical mask over their nose and mouth at all times when inside the building.


2. All ACTORS (12 and up) must be either fully vaccinated OR must request a personal exemption AND be willing to voluntarily adhere to all exemption protocols.

3. Participants who are fully vaccinated may participate fully without the need for masking, providing they have not had recent contact with any person thought to be carrying the virus.

4. All production participants must complete a health and safety form and sign the pledge. Show directors and producers are responsible for ensuring that ALL participants complete the form PRIOR to involvement.

Vaccine Exemptions:

Vaccination exemptions will be granted to actors ONLY if they 1) have a written doctors note stating that they are unable to be vaccinated or 2) will agree to the following stringent protocols:


Masks must be worn at all times, without exception, while inside the building OR while in the company of other cast/crew members, until one week prior to open.

During this time, masks may only be removed TEMPORARILY (for eating or drinking, etc.) when the actor is AT LEAST six feet away from all other persons. Photos must be taken outdoors.


Provide a WEEKLY negative test result at the beginning of each week, at the performers own expense, throughout the entire rehearsal period. § Agree to wear a mask at all times, while in public spaces, throughout the production period (from audition to strike).


Self-isolate for a period of no less than two weeks prior to opening and throughout the run, so that you may safely perform without a mask. This would include avoiding all public AND work spaces outside the home.


ALL participants must agree to obtain a Covid test any time they experience potential symptoms or are in contact with a person later determined to have carried the virus at the time of contact. While awaiting results, non-actors should NOT be in the building. Actors must wear masks and maintain safe distancing

Audition Packet and Health and Safety Form