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Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses

February 16th at 6:00 pm and February 17th at 7:00pm

Auditions will be OPEN CASTING. All roles available!

Show opens on 4/16 and runs through 5/2.


The Lovers’ Landing Beach Hotel, known for its mystique as the home of “sandy toes and salty kisses”, is a popular wedding destination that has recently been inherited by Audrina Brown from her late father.  Her Uncle Bubba, who has worked at the hotel his whole life, is the handyman and is also running a variety of “extra-curricular enterprises” that push the boundaries of legal definition. The other employees are Candy, the ditzy receptionist working her way through college, and Madame Coco, wedding planner extraordinaire. Arriving at the hotel are the social climbing Beatrice Rutherford-Smythe and her daughter Traci, along with her fiancé Peter, to meet with Madame Coco.  Unfortunately, Madame Coco has eloped and the only staff member who knows anything about weddings is Uncle Bubba. Coerced by Audrina, Uncle Bubba must alternate between being himself and impersonating Madame Coco. And who is the mysterious guest, Douglas Dupont, and what is he doing at Lovers’ Landing? It’s mistaken identities, an on again-off again wedding, quick changes, and a romantic farce with plenty of physical comedy.





Mud Creek Barn Playhouse

9740 E. 86th Street

Indianapolis, IN  46256


Director:  Susan Hill

Assistant Director:  Kelly Keller


Audition Dates:​Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm

​​Monday, February 17, 2020 at 7:00 pm


Production Dates:​ April 17, 18, 24, 25, 26; May, 1, 2, 2020


Those auditioning will be asked to read from the script. 


Bring a list of conflicts between February 16 and May 2.

NOTES:​This play includes kissing, which will be required during rehearsals and performances, but not at auditions.  The roles of Candy, Audrina, Traci, Peter, and Douglas require the ability to do physical comedy. The role of Uncle Bubba requires several quick changes to transform him into Madame Coco.




Candy – (Age 20 -25) She is a local gal, who is working as the receptionist at the hotel so she can put herself through college. She is vivacious and personable, and although she appears to be a bit of a “flake”, her good-natured and quirky personality shines through.  Her innocent ability to make a mess of things causes many comedic visual sequences which involve her, so she needs to be reasonably agile and athletic.


Wilberforce “Bubba” Brown – (Age 50+) He is the younger brother of the recently deceased owner of the hotel.  He is rough around the edges, ingenious, and has a heart of gold. He is the maintenance and operations manager of the hotel and is running several barely-legal operations on the side.  When the wedding planner, Madame Coco, suddenly elopes, Uncle Bubba is coerced into impersonating her. A series of quick changes have the Rutherford-Smythe’s believing that there really is a very eccentric Madame Coco.


Audrina Brown – (Age 30+) Daughter of the late owner of the hotel and niece of Bubba, she grew up in the hotel, but did not spend much time there after she graduated from high school.  She has taken over the business end of running the hotel. She is efficient, resourceful, practical, and smart. Her biggest worry is Uncle Bubba – can he pull off impersonating Madame Coco and will his extra-curricular activities land him in jail?


Beatrice Rutherford-Smythe – (Age 50+) She belongs to the blue-bloods of New England and is more concerned with her prospective son-in-law’s pedigree than anything else about him.  She has, in the beginning, a superior and dominating attitude. As the play progresses, she embraces the casual lifestyle of Lovers’ Landing and ironically finds herself attract to Bubba, a man who is the total antithesis of everything in her life.


Traci Rutherford-Smythe – (Age 25+) She has chosen Lovers’ Landing Beach Hotel for her destination wedding in order to avoid the social trappings on which her mother insists.  She marrying Peter, whom she has only known for a short time, despite the fact her mother considers him unsuitable. At first, she appears to be a self-centered rich girl, but as the play progresses, we learn she is a strong-minded, determined woman.


Douglas Dupont – (Age 30+) He checks into the hotel and arouses Bubba’s suspicious when he is found taking detailed photographs of the hotel and asking questions of the locals in town.  Is he a government agent? Candy, Traci, Audrina, Beatrice, and even Madame Coco “come on” to him in an attempt to discover the truth.


Peter Mudd – (30+) He arrives at Lovers’ Landing despite his rocky relationship with his future mother-in-law.  He and Douglas are the victims of mistaken identity. When caught in a couple of compromising positions with Candy, he must convince Traci of his love.

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(317) 290-5343

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