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In the Beginning...

December 2nd and 3rd @ 7:00 pm

"In the Beginning..." is a gently irreverent comedy that presumes the question: What if God invented man unintentionally? What if he didn't really mean to set the creation of the universe into motion? 


Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, tasked by their boss to get things under control on earth, observe the early progression of civilization and attempt to work together to slow the chaos created by the very existence of humankind.

This is a world premier production of this work by Collin Moore and is directed by MCP veteran Jay Ganz.

CAST: 7 to 11 performers, any gender, any physical type and any age (18 up). 

CHARACTERS: God, Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer, the Voice of God, Adam, Eve, Moses, Pharaoh, Noah and Noah's Wife.

  • Auditions will be readings from the script. It is not necessary to prepare a monologue. 

  • MOST characters will be cast without regard to gender norms, with the exception of Adam and Eve. 

  • Some cast members may play more than one character. 

REHEARSALS: Weeknights from 12/16 to 1/29. No rehearsals the week of Christmas or on New Years Eve or Day. Mandatory Tech Day (up to 12 hours) on Saturday, January 25th. Mandatory strike on 12/16.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Evenings 1/30 (preview), 1/31, 2/1, 2/8, 2/9, 2/10 (matinee), 2/14 & 2/15. 

AUDITION SIDES: You are welcome to peruse the scenes Jay Ganz plans to use for auditions here: 

(317) 290-5343

9740 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46256, USA

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