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The Association for Creative Theater

Teen Group - The A.C.T.

The goal of The A.C.T. (Association for Creative Theatre) - a Mud Creek Players Youth Outreach Initiative - is to present a full, main stage production each summer. Under the supervision of a experienced adult mentors, participants take on all responsibilities of producing a full length play including directing, light and sound design, set design, stage management, costuming, publicity and, of course, acting.  


During the school year, teens meets on a semi-monthly basis, typically on weekend afternoons, to plan for their summer show and to learn a variety of skills needed to participate in theater.  

Summers find the group rehearsing most weeknight evenings and spending weekend afternoons building the set and preparing all the production tasks needed.

All teens from age 14 - 18 are welcome.  The ACT program is completely free but we DO require that at least one parent join our Facebook Group to stay informed and help your student know when meetings and rehearsals are scheduled. Click HERE to request to join!

This is an intensive program that requires teens to comport themselves as young adults. Our teens do the work.It is not recommended that parents participate beyond sharing any specific theater craft skills they may have as a mentor (please contact our program directors if you'd like to share your knowledge with the kids).


We welcome all high school students but reserve the right to remove any student, without cause, who demonstrates an inability to behave in a mature and reliable way. Students are responsible for knowing the schedule and performing tasks assigned to them on time. 


For more information send your questions to

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