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Audition Packet

Show Description:
Antigone is an ancient Greek tragedy, originally written by Sophocles in 441 BCE, that remains one of the most inspiring of classic tales. The third chapter in the famous Oedipus trilogy, it centers around Oedupis’s daughter Antigone in the aftermath of a battle for the throne that leaves both her brothers dead. Antigone’s uncle Kreon, is appointed king and sets down a deadly decree that one brother be buried and the other disgraced. Driven by familial devotion, Antigone knowingly defies the law and is sentenced to death. A wonderful war of wills that leaves few unharmed, Antigone examines issues of law and morality that are just as prevalent today as they were in Sophocles’ time.

Important Dates:
Auditions Dates: February 27th and 28th 6.00-8.00 PM
Show Dates: May 5th-8th

Open Cast:

Note: We are open to any age (16+), gender and ethnicity. 


Chorus, Any age, Any gender, A collection of storytellers who weave in and out of the plot. They assume many roles throughout the play.


Antigone, 20’s, Female, Daughter of Oedipus. A strong willed and fearless young woman of high moral conviction.


Kreon, 50’s-60’s, Male, Newly appointed king. A lawful man who holds his duty to his country above all else.


Ismene, 20’s-30’s, Female, Sister of Antigone. A cautious and maternal woman who is law abiding.


Haimon, 20’s, Male, Kreon’s son. Engaged to Antigone. A passionate and idealistic young man who sees the good in others.


Sentry, 40’s-60’s, Male, Comedic relief. A weasley man with no morals who will do anything to stay alive.


Koryphaios, 50’s-70’s, Male, Advisor to the king. A loyal and steady man of sound council.


Teiresias, 60’s-70’s, Male, Blind prophet. A wise old man who sees and knows all.


Eurydice, 40’s-60’s, Female, Wife of Kreon and mother of Haimon. A kind and supportive woman weighted down by the burdens of her husband.


Messenger, Any age, Any gender, Bearer of bad news and recounter of tragedy.

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